Car Touch Up Paint Pen: Deep Scratch Repair for All Vehicles (Black)

Car Touch Up Paint Pen: Deep Scratch Repair for All Vehicles (Black)

Tired of unsightly scratches and chips marring your beloved car's pristine finish? Look no further than our revolutionary Car Touch Up Paint Pen!


  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with all car models and colors
  • Precise Application: Fine-tipped brush for pinpoint repairs
  • Perfect Color Match: Advanced formula ensures a seamless blend
  • Scratch Resistance: Durable coating protects against future damage

How It Works:

  1. Clean and dry the damaged area.
  2. Shake the pen thoroughly.
  3. Apply a thin layer of paint with the fine-tipped brush.
  4. Allow to dry for 24 hours.


  • Restore Your Car's Sheen: Conceal unsightly scratches and chips, restoring your car's showroom appearance.
  • Prolong Vehicle Value: Protect your investment by preventing rust and further damage.
  • Easy and Convenient: DIY solution that saves you time and money on professional repairs.
  • Compact Design: Convenient to store in your glove box for quick touch-ups.

Order Today!

Don't let scratches and chips ruin your car's beauty. Order your Car Touch Up Paint Pen now and experience the transformative power of this innovative paint pen.

Restore. Protect. Enhance. Your Car's Finish.


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