LED Side Markers for 2016-2021 Honda Civic: Front Bumper Turn Signals

LED Side Markers for 2016-2021 Honda Civic: Front Bumper Turn Signals

Introducing the latest LED side markers, a stylish and functional upgrade for your 2016-2021 Honda Civic. Click now to upgrade to the latest LED technology and experience the brilliance!

These premium side markers boast a set of ultra-bright amber LEDs, delivering a superior level of illumination for your turn signals. Not only do they enhance your visibility on the road, but they also add a touch of sophistication to your Civic's exterior.

Featuring a sleek, clear lens design, these side markers seamlessly integrate with the contours of your Civic's bumper. They are easy to install, simply replacing your factory side markers with a direct plug-and-play connection.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-bright amber LEDs for exceptional visibility
  • Clear lens design for a modern and stylish look
  • Plug-and-play installation for hassle-free upgrade


  • Improve safety with enhanced turn signal visibility
  • Enhance the appearance of your Civic with sleek LED styling
  • Simple and convenient installation

Don't settle for ordinary side markers. Transform your Civic with our LED Side Markers today! Your Honda deserves the best, and these LED side markers deliver both style and functionality.

Don't Miss Out! Upgrade your Civic with the latest LED technology and enjoy the benefits of enhanced visibility and style. Order your LED Side Markers now and let your Civic shine brighter than ever before!


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