Hot Pink Eye Black for Sports and Costume Play

Hot Pink Eye Black for Sports and Costume Play

Are you a sports enthusiast who wants to look fierce on the field? A costume enthusiast who wants to complete your look with a touch of edgy flair? Look no further than Hot Pink Eye Black!

This revolutionary eye black is not your average black smear. It's a vibrant hot pink that's sure to turn heads. With its matte finish and long-lasting formula, it will stay in place through even the most intense activities.

Here's why you'll love Hot Pink Eye Black:

  • Ultra-pigmented: Delivers a bold, hot pink color that will make you stand out.
  • Matte finish: Provides a non-greasy, smudge-proof look.
  • Long-lasting formula: Resists sweat, rain, and tears.
  • Perfect for sports: Prevents glare and enhances focus during competition.
  • Ideal for costume play: Adds a touch of edgy glamour to any costume.

Whether you're dominating on the gridiron or rocking a costume at Comic-Con, Hot Pink Eye Black has got you covered.


  • Net weight: 0.5 ounces
  • Comes in a convenient squeezable tube
  • Non-toxic and safe for all skin types

As seen on ESPN and in The New York Times, Hot Pink Eye Black is the must-have accessory for athletes and costume enthusiasts alike. Click here to order your tube today and elevate your game or costume to the next level!

Unleash your inner fierceness with Hot Pink Eye Black!

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