The Contenders and Pretenders a Look at the NFL Playoff Picture

The NFL Playoffs are nearly upon us and while the field is completely set the overall picture is becoming clear.


The NFC is a three headed monster right now with a trio of teams poised to make a run at the Lombardi Trophy

  1. The New Orleans Saints all but have the #1 seed locked up and given the opposing team’s difficulties within the Superdome this spells trouble for the other contenders in the National Football Conference. Drew Brees is the midst of an MVP caliber season and despite recent struggles this offense will be tough to stop at home. And don’t discount this team’s increasingly stingy defense.
  2. The Chicago Bears have turned the clock back to Da Bears of 1985 with a dominating defense that recently derailed the Rams high octane offense, but their young quarterback will need to elevate his game before they can go down to the Big Easy and compete with a veteran like Drew Brees.
  3. The Los Angeles Rams seem to be fading after back-to-back losses to Chicago and defending Super Bowl champs, Philadelphia. Add in the loss to New Orleans earlier this season and the track record is not good for the Rams against the other NFC elite teams. But LA spent big money to bolster this team and impact players sometimes deliver when it matters most.

In the running, but lagging behind are the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, and Philadelphia Eagles.