Spurs coach Gregg Popovich leaves abruptly after LeBron James question

Coach Gregg Popovich was brief in answering questions after the Spurs fell to the Lakers 121-113 on Wednesday.

He answered only two questions after the loss and left the media scrum abruptly following a question about what made it so difficult for San Antonio to guard the Lakers and LeBron James (who led Los Angeles with 42 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists).

Popovich was direct as he said, “Have you watched LeBron play before? He’s LeBron James. That’s what makes him difficult to guard.”

Reporters were silent after his short answer and then Popovich asked, “Anybody else?” before abruptly walking off.

Popovich did give a full answer to the first question asked about what the key factor was in the fourth quarter.

“They made a lot of shots down the stretch,” Popovich said. “Give them credit. LeBron [James] was the generator and he made some great 3s. Zo [Lonzo Ball] went to the bucket and hit a lot of open people on the drive. He did a little bit of everything and got it done. It was a good game.”

The Lakers moved to 15-9 and are sitting fifth in the Western Conference, while the Spurs fell to 11-14 and are 14th out of 15 teams in the West, ahead of only the 4-20 Suns.